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Falcons News · 2014 Girls Track & Field Cedar Springs Dual Meet & Comstock Park Invitational

Mother Nature has allowed the outdoor Track & Field Season to finally begin.

The Lady Falcons season began with their first home meet on Wednesday April 16th  against Cedar Springs and again on Saturday April 19th at the Comstock Park Invitational.

On Wednesday April 16th the girls lost to a hard-fought battle to a strong Cedar Springs squad 72.5 to 64.5.

Top Finishers and their Events for West in Cedar Springs Meet:

100 Meters : 3rd Maria Kohane

200 Meters: 1st Cassidy Scarpino & 3rd Maria Kohane

400 Meters: 1st Sophia Phaneuf & 2nd Abby Groskiewicz

100 Meter High Hurdles: 1st Leah Defouw

300 Meter Low Hurdles: 1st Cassidy Scarpino

4 x 400 Meter Relay: 1st Place Team of Sophia Phaneuf, Abby Groskiewicz, Abby O’Rourke & Cassidy Scarpino

Shot Put: 1st Mary Mason & 2nd Libby O’Brien

Discuss: 1st Gabby Stornant, 2nd Libby O’Brien & 3rd Mary Mason

High Jump: 1st Cassie Ford, 2nd Macky Hartwell & 3rd Miriam Brooks

Pole Vault: 1st Tori Gutowski

Long Jump: 1st Maria Kohane & 2nd Leah Defouw


Top Place Finishers in Comstock Park Invitational April 19th

West Varsity finished 2nd Place Overall and JV Squad 3rd Place Overall 

200 Meters: 4th Cassidy Scarpino

400 Meters: 3rd Sophia Phaneuf

3200 Meters: 3rd Kateri Mills

100 Meters High Hurdles: Leah Defouw

300 Meters Low Hurdles: Cassidy Scarpino

4 x 100 Meter Relay: 3rd Place Tara Martin, Macky Hartwell, Leah Defouw & Cassidy Scarpino

4 x 100 Meter Relay JV Team: 2nd Place Ellie Nguyen, Gabby Stornant, Elizabeth Urbik & Lauren Woodworth

4 x 200 Meter Relay: 3rd Place, Abby O’Rourke, Erin Feist, Maria Kohane & Abby Groskiewicz

4 x 200 Meter Relay: JV Team 2nd Place, Olivia Gimborys, Emily Vermeesch, Lauren Woodworth & Elizabeth Urbik

4 x 400 Meter Relay: 3rd Place, Sophia Phaneuf, Bailey Laske, Paige Wilson & Cassidy Scarpino

4 x 800 Meter Relay: 3rd Place, Sofia Phaneuf, Brooke Pitsch, Bailey Laske & Kateri Mills

4 x 800 Relay: JV 3rd Place, Emily Vermeesch, Anna Mason, Olivia Richmond, & Lindsay Stankus

High Jump: 3rd Place Cassie Ford

Long Jump: 1st Place Maria Kohane

Please Note: You can check online and see pictures of the meets courtesy of Mr. Gary Balcom


You can also check online for all League and Meet results at the following website: