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Attention Horse Lovers and Riders:

West Catholic High School Equestrian Club Team

The coaches of the Equestrian Team are actively searching for students who may want to become part of the High School “E-Team”! E-Team is a fun and exciting way to learn all there is about horsemanship while participating as a team. Competition includes events such as trail, jumping, gymkhana (speed) and English and Western show events. It is the best way to meet other “Horse Crazy” students!

The Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship Association (MIHA) holds three meets in September (Sept. 12, 19 and 26th) for High School Competition. That means Team Practices will start soon and continue throughout the summer.

8th Grade students planning on attending WC are welcome to join us!

  • Do you love to ride? Trail? Show ring? Pasture?
  • Never competed in a horse show? Or, Love to show?
  • Not sure if you even WANT to compete?
  • Don’t have a horse but want to learn about leasing one?
  • Love horses but want to start out helping to groom and learn about them first?

Then come join us to see how!

We will have a team informational meeting at 9am at The MIHA Junior Team competitive meet – Saturday, May 16th   at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds; 5235 Park Ave., Hudsonville, 49426. We will meet at the registration building between the two arenas. Look for the WC Flag! Students and parents are welcome. The meet is an all-day event and a good way to see how the competition works!

Please contact us via phone or email with your level of interest. We can’t wait to meet you and are excited about the 2015 season!

Gretchen Clarke – Coach; Competitive rider; Horse-show mom     Phone: 616-901-3331

Danielle Ouendag – Coach; Horse-show mom douendag@yahoo.com 616-481-5270

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