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Welcome to Great Lakes High School Fencing Michigan

Fencing has been an Olympic sport for over 120 years. There are three weapon types, sabre, epee and foil.  Fencing in the United States has made great strides in recent years on the world stage, with gold medalist in recent Olympics and more U.S. medal winners every year in international events.

High School Fencing has become a varsity sport in many places with dense populations, primarily on the east coast, California and Chicago. The Chicago conference has 12+ schools with 30 – 80 participants on each team.  The Midwest High School Championships are held at Culver Military Academy in South Bend Indiana every February.  Last year over 500 kids participated.  Fencing Scholarships are available at many Universities.

This is the one sport that can boast of each participant competing at every event in equal measure!

Our goal is to provide quality fencing instruction, with an emphasis on opportunity for personal success, for those students who desire it.  In addition, and equally important, fencing provides important life-learning experiences for all students, with an absolute demand for respect and decorum rooted in tradition!  In this endeavor, we will establish Michigan High School Fencing as a varsity sport.

The greatest gift a coach can give an athlete, is the knowledge of their ability to be successful!

My name is Devin Ortega-Furgeson, I have been involved in fencing for 15 years. My daughter started fencing at West Michigan Fencing Academy (WMFA) in Grand Rapids at the age of 7, under Head Coach Mike Nemecek.  Desree was recruited by Penn State University for a fencing scholarship where she graduated and earned 1 National Championship and is now fencing for Durham university In England for her Master’s Degree.   WMFA is a 501C3 Non-profit, where Coach Mike has Taken the U.S. women’s foil team to Europe twice, earning medals each time.  I have been organizing high school teams in the area to compete in the Chicago conference for 8 years, earning 5 1st place team trophies.  

The best attribute of a coach, is to never put one athlete ahead of another!

  • No tryouts, everyone competes at every event!
  • Requires, one teacher or parent coach school representative.
  • Requires, minimum of 6 – 1 hour sessions of coach’s safety training.
  • Requires, minimum of 3 participants, no maximum (co-ed).
  • NO MORE REQUIREMENTS, Timing of tentative schedule is negotiable
    • August 7th -24th, Monday & Thursday 5-6 Coach’s Training at WMFA
    • September – Student athlete recruitment.
    • November – Start practices – Safety, footwork drills, orientation, strategy, order equipment.
    • December – 1 on 1 school (mini) tournaments.
    • January – (2nd week) State championship meet.
    • February – (Optional) (1st week) Mid-West High School Championships.

The fastest item in all Olympic sports is the marksmen’s bullet, the second, is a fencer’s blade!

Contact coach Devin at 616-914-1249 or ortegdev@aquinas.edu

Or visit West Michigan Fencing Academy at 1111 Godfrey any Monday or Thursday 7-8 year round.

Current Michigan High School Clubs

West Catholic 

Grand Rapids Schools being organized for fencing clubs

Grand Rapids Christian – South Christian – North Point Christian – Muskegon Catholic – West Michigan Lutheran – Grand River – West Mich. Environmental Science – Light House – Covenant House – Hope – West Mich. Aviation – West Catholic – Nexus – Ellington – Well spring – -Home

Team Captain
Team Captain: Becky Flickinger
High School Fencing Trophies
High School Fencing Trophies